ANNELECORP INDUSTRIAL LTD was established in 2015 in Cyprus. This company is the descendant of the company N.E.N. Electromechanical Services LTD established in 2003. The company was formed in order to primarily serve electromechanical services to the industrial and commercial audience. Throughout the years, our personnel encountered many cases of different machine troubleshooting, thus making it more skilled in the domain. Nevertheless, our company started handling heavy electrical installations for different kinds of plants such as batching plants, bread industries, asphalt plants, wastewater treatment plants, etc.

ANNELECORP INDUSTRIAL LTD is now also capable of automate your domestic or commercial buildings using the latest the technology has to offer, like KNX. As we state previously, our company is not concentrated in domestic environment but also in commercial businesses and especially in industries.

The vision of the company is the expansion of the services that offers in all of Cyprus and share with its customers the best and the most innovated methods that the technology has to offer in the domain of security, safety and comfort.

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