Our company provides maintenance and troubleshooting to the following:

- Batching plants

- Wastewater Treatment Plants

- Asphalt Plants

- Laundry Units (Industrial)

Bread industries

- Production Lines

- Feed Factories

- Furniture Factories

- Quarries (Mines), etc

Property Management


Our company can help you handling large complexes with their pool plants, pressure systems, wastewater treatment plants and we can even make your life easier by installing systems that can remotely notify you (i.e. SMS) that there is a hazart in the property (i.e. overloaded pump, trespasser, etc)



Our company can help hotels of any rating with its efficiency, power consumption monitoring and its bulding management system. Our company is certificated for power monitoring and very skilled in power factor correction. Other services that we can provide for your hotels are laundry room and pressure systems maintenance and troubleshooting.



If you are a villa owner or manager, you can always count on us. We can provide electromechanical services for your house, either it's for the pool plant, either for the pressure system, or any other automatic system you have running. If your house comes with a KNX feature, even better! We can troubleshoot at any time and even expand your installation or make changes that you find more useful and comfort.



If you are a farmer then you definitely know what a underground pump is. You use it in order to get water under the ground and water your plants. And where are you getting electricity from? A generator maybe? That's where we come in handy. We provide solutions for your pumping station (P.S.) or your generator. We can troubleshoot your control panels or generators and even make you a fresh starting P.S. from scratch!



We can provide maintenance and troubleshooting for your greenhouse equipment. We have skilled personnel for handling greenhouse machines such as heaters, air handling units, etc. We can also give automated solutions for your system in order to keep the temperature and humidity in proper levels for your harvest.


Trash Compactors

Our mobile services are very flexible. Companies that rent mobile trash compactors to hotels or any other commercial buildings, often have problems with their equipment on site! We are able to get to the site wherever is your equipment and fix the problem on time, hence reducing the downtime of your machines and reduce the impact of unfortunate complains from your customer!


Wastewater Treatment Plants


Our company has years of experience with wastewater treatment plants and along with our experienced and trained faculty we can ensure that your facilities are in good hands. 


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